Embracing the flexible workplace

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Mohammed Chahdi, Director of global human resources at Dell once said, “Work is what you do and not a place you go”.

Work flexibility has been one of the biggest trends this year. Let’s face it; the global workplace has been reshaped, with time and location no longer being barriers to finding talent.

More companies globally have embraced flexible work conditions and even locally, many employees have expressed their preference for flexible working, listing it as an additional perk in job adverts. In a recent poll we conducted at The People Practice, results showed ~75% of voters preferred the flexible option of working from home over the traditional working from the office workplace style.

The advantages are there for businesses who have embraced it: more satisfied employees, higher retention, lower overhead costs and access to a larger pool of talent globally.

For companies who may be skeptical about it, gradual and little changes can be introduced, with huge effects on your culture.

If implemented well, flexible work options can have a huge impact on employee satisfaction — and on the bottom line. Online tools and collaboration platforms have made these options possible and simple for companies to roll out.

Tools, however, are only half of the solution. To ensure that flexible working works, trust, accountability and output should remain prioritised, with employees held to the same standards. The focus for flexible working is to create an inclusive culture where each individual’s needs are being met along the way, so long as the work gets done.

As more and more companies adopt flex work, what will set companies apart is taking a thoughtful, tailored approach to flexibility. Recognizing that it’s not one-size-fits-all, aligning it closely with your culture, and listening to employee feedback will help you create a flexibility policy that actively makes the company a better place to work for everyone.

Flexibility can benefit everyone — if it is done right.

Written for The People Practice.




Researches and Nugegts.

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Researches and Nugegts.

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